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The Program

The program at Middle Way Acupuncture Institute has evolved from its beginning as an apprenticeship program for adults who were looking to make a transition to a new profession.

It is a three-year program set up in 36 monthly sessions, which take place over the course of three to four weekend days each month. An intensive clinical component is added to the third year of study. The entire program is divided into six separate semesters.

Our unique format allows us to teach students from all over the United States. The first student from the east coast to participate in the program said, “I visited 10 or so acupuncture programs over several years from the east coast to the west coast. I chose to attend Middle Way Acupuncture Institute because of the philosophy and the faculty of this school…It is an environment that I could feel comfortable in as a novice in acupuncture, but at the same time my lifetime of experience is respected. I felt no discrimination or judgment in spite of the fact that I was 59 when I applied to the school.”

Another student—a graduate from Centrailia—said of the program, “The school provided a well-rounded education that was formatted in such a way that I could continue to work while going to school. I am grateful that the program was so affordable and I am now practicing debt-free.”

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