Mission – Vision – Values



The mission of Middle Way Acupuncture Institute is the preparation of competent and dedicated health care
practitioners as acupuncture professionals.

In support of this mission Middle Way Acupuncture Institute has the following goals:

•To create an educational program with academic and clinical training
leading to a Diploma in Acupuncture.

• To construct an educational program for working adults pursuing a
career change as well as students preparing for an initial career.

• To develop a program that offers classes in different styles of
acupuncture and demonstrates how those styles can be integrated.

• To provide highly qualified faculty and staff and appropriate
student services necessary to facilitate the training of acupuncture

• To create community clinics to provide acupuncture services to the
general public including low-cost clinics to treat underserved and/or
economically disadvantaged populations.

• To design curriculum that equips students to inform their patients
and the public about the benefits of acupuncture.

• To maintain a reasonably priced program that will meet the
educational needs of the student population while allowing the
school to operate as a profitable business.

Each of the goals addresses the foundational principles behind Middle Way Acupuncture Institute’s mission
statement. The program seeks to educate students in the practice of acupuncture and to share the holistic spirit of
East Asian medicine.

Our mission and goals have arisen out of the vision and values which follow.




Middle Way Acupuncture Institute will be known for academic excellence, quality patient care, and leadership in
wellness and integrative healthcare.




We value graduating health care professionals who are competent and
compassionate in both independent practice and integrated healthcare settings.

We value an inclusive and empowering environment for our faculty, staff,
alumni, and students.

We value lifelong learning in our faculty, staff, alumni, and students.

We value, honor, and encourage diversity and tolerance in all interactions with
all our community members.

We value supporting and serving our local communities.

We value excellence in education.

We value maintaining our reputation for honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness.

We value preserving the core values of acupuncture by promoting practice
standards that are widely accepted, while promoting innovation.


Educational Objectives


These are measurable standards we expect students to attain by the time they complete the program. These
objectives issue from the mission, goals, vision and values of Middle Way Acupuncture Institute and direct its
development of the curriculum.

Graduates of Middle Way Acupuncture Institute will be able to:

• Demonstrate knowledge in various styles of practicing acupuncture
and administer them appropriately for the benefit of the patient.

• Evaluate patients’ needs and create effective treatment plans
including suggestions for lifestyle changes that promote vitality and

• Display a thorough understanding of diagnostic and assessment
skills, including knowing when to refer.

• Communicate in an organized and professional manner with both
patients and other healthcare professionals.

• Demonstrate an understanding of practice management skills, ethics
and legal requirements