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Acupuncture Program Costs

The cost for the class that starts in September of 2024 is $61,992, which covers the cost of the three-year program.

There are several payment options to choose from, depending on your financial needs:

Plan A

Pay the full three-year tuition upfront and take advantage of a 5% discount. Your total cost under this option is $58,892.

Plan B 

Twice-yearly payments, which are made in 6 equal installments of $10,332 each over the course of three years, paid each semester, by August 25 and February 25th (not including $500 enrollment deposit).

Plan C 

36 payments made over the course of three years. The monthly payment is due on the 25th of every month beginning in August, and continuing until July. Monthly payments are $1,765 (this includes a 5% interest charge totaling $3,099).

Plan D

6 year payment plans are available via a contract administered by TFC Credit Corporation at a 7% interest rate. Monthly payments of $1,100 would begin on August 25th, 2024 and end on July 25th, 2030, with total interest of around $12,500 paid. 

Cost of Supplies: Clinic and Insurance fees are included in tuition.  However, books and supplies are not, and cost approximately $2,000.  

There are also some additional costs, including courses that you will need to take in addition to the courses offered at Middle Way. You will need to pay for the following in addition to your tuition and book costs:

1. Clean needle technique certification

2. CPR and Suicide Awareness & Prevention training 

3. Required Co-requisites (see Admissions)

4. State/national examination fees

Financial Aid is not offered through Middle Way at this time.

About Classes

Sizing the Class for the Benefit of the Students

In order to provide each student with quality, individualized instruction we keep our classes small. Students have access to supplies including equipment, training aids, and a lending library to aid with all coursework and study.

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